Polyrhythm Metronome Examine App

Very useful app to learn polyrhythms cleanly

I was searching for ways to learn various polyrhythms to support my own ambient music creations. I am not a drum kit drummer nor am I a rock guitarist, and many Web sites that attempt to teach polyrhythm play require you to learn these rhythms in these styles of music *at the tempos THEY choose!* Though well-meaning and all, and no offense to them...I would prefer to learn polyrhythm playing in the most stripped down easy way possible AND be able to select my own tempo.This app does that...it is simple to select a pattern, tempo and visually see the divisions of time as you hear them. Just a beautiful app. Spend at least 10 minutes a day with this app and I guarantee that you will likely greatly improve your ability to create polyrhythm yourself!

Great app

I love polyrhythms and this app help me develop the ear & timing to accomplish those tricky polyrhythms, is like having to metronomes at the same time.

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